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Timestretch with Pitch control

Timestretch with Pitch control

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Create your personal playlists

Fitness Pro's Only

Please note that our music products are specifically compiled for the fitness market.

Due to license agreements, MTrax and Aeromix fitness music products can only be sold to aerobic instructors, fitness clubs, sports clubs, schools or health care institutes.

By placing an order for these products you accept these conditions and confirm to use our music products only within the framework of fitness exercises.

Tailor-made workout music

MTrax and Aeromix music releases are tailor-made to meet the needs and demands of today’s fitness instructor. With double CD compilations (two complete exercise workouts) as standard, MTrax and Aeromix also remain one step ahead of the competition by being the only companies that also produces triple CD compilations on selected releases.

All recordings are 32-count phrased and mixed by professional DJs, providing you with the latest music tracks from the club scene, the commercial charts and specialty genres. Almost all CDs contain additional cooldowns and finale tracks.

Officially licensed music

All audio on the labels MTrax (formerly Multitrax) and Aeromix are officially licensed by Swedebeat – IFPI – NCB.

Officially licensed by Swedebeat – IFPI – NCB.